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All house structures move due to temperature fluctuations, winter conditions and summer heat. Materials used within the rooms should be suitable to adapt to this movement particularly in bathroom, kitchen and wet areas of your home.
The installation of a correct flexible membrane under these wet areas protects against leakage from water travelling beyond the tiled areas.
Maintaining the grouting between the tiles is very important for protection against the build up of mould, bacteria and other symptoms which may cause health problems.
Tile grouting is not enough as a form of water proofing to protect your house’s structure against timber rot and decay and insect damage. Surface filler products such as a sealer are not flexible substances and are only a temporary solution for stopping leaking water.
It is important to have a membrane system installed and SH Express Tiling recommends and uses a membrane system to ensure long term protection against water leakage. If you are worried about leaks or signs of water damage in or around your bathroom or shower recess, our professional team can inspect your premises for a no obligation quotation, to assess any water damage to the area and the costs for repair or replace required.
This work may include the removal of existing tiles and if there are spare tiles available, we will use them or do our best to match the existing colour. This will be determined by the age of the tiles and the availability of replacement tiles.
We work together with you in all aspects of tiling and shower repairs and provide quality tiles and shower screen products at all times.

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