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Swimming Pool Tilling

A pool is the main focal point of any yard and as such the design of the pool and surrounding areas should be considered carefully. Although fully tiled pool interiors were once costly, the affordability of pool tiles has improved over the years, making pool tiling a popular choice. The benefits of a fully tiled pool are enormous. From a design perspective the pool has the one water colour, it is smooth under the feet and it is easy to keep clean, making the consumers life easier. The range of available pool tiles is expansive and consumers now have more choice than ever. There are many factors to consider when selecting the perfect tile but the most crucial factor is selecting a high quality tile that will survive the harsh sun and constant immersion.

There are many tilers but only a few that can professionally tile a pool. When tiling pools, many things need to be taken into consideration, such as the floor level, waterproofing, the size of the pool, the pool surrounds, whether coping or band tiling is required, features of the pool such as steppers and swim-outs and many more. Tiling pools is a form of art which requires an artist. It won’t take long for a poorly tiled pool to begin falling apart. High quality tiles and a professional pool tiler will help your pool withstand the test of time.

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